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Ganggoolie says he’s underrated

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie says despite the contributions he's made to music, he's still one of the most underrated artistes in Jamaica.


The artiste, who is known for penning tracks based off viral situations, describes himself as a "real" entertainer.

"Dem say self-praise is no recommendation, but me affi recognise myself because it nuh take a simple artiste fi do weh me do and build song and make it exactly like the story or weh happen. So, of course me underrated. I'm an entertainer, a real entertainer," he said. "As simple as yuh seet, a whole heap a people a link me and a show me rating, but a mostly overseas. The song dem weh me sing can't dead innu. Even if we done wid it yah so (in Jamaica), overseas take it up. Once it get overseas, dem nah let it go. All a di song dem weh me sing from dem time deh till now, if me draw fi dem a one stage show, the place a go mash up."

Ganggoolie recently released a track based on the viral video of a Jamaican man (Donovan Stewart) who turned the tables on a robber in the US and ended up killing him.

Stewart's story has been making the rounds on social media and in true Ganggoolie fashion, the entertainer released a track about the ordeal.

Ganggoolie told THE STAR that despite what naysayers may think, his approach to music is working.

"Situations happen every day and me choose the specific ones weh me wah sing bout. As simple as yuh seet, me a eat a food. A my pay dis innu, a my nine-to-five, so me can't listen to people. If one a dem song yah get weh pan a top chart, everybody a go wah claim Ganggoolie and say him a Jamaican dem time deh," he said. "Di same mouth weh say no today can say yes tomorrow. Nuff a dem out deh weh a fight against artiste not even know say it could be a Billboard artiste dem a fight against."

"Anybody weh nuh like weh me a do, God go wid dem because me a do my work. It a feed me family and it a represent dancehall," he continued.

The artiste added that his music is more powerful than people can ever imagine, as his songs document pieces of history.

"Couple of years from now, yuh can listen back my song dem and say a dis did a gwaan," he said. "Look how much artiste do dat (sing bout hot topics). A couple of artiste well me see sing bout the 'bake it' situation; so weh me do a work, set trend. Yuh affi have likkle gimmicks inna di thing, everybody can't just serious so. We have one bag a gun song already, one bag a gyal song. So who want continue da way deh, dweet. Me know my mission and me a put in my work."

from The Jamaica Star


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